Spring 2023 Registration for CS students

This document describes some of the details that are relevant for registering for CS classes.

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When do you register?
Spring registration starts Thursday, October 20. When you register exactly depends on credit hours earned. But, in order to register at your scheduled time you have to get cleared by your advisor.

Meet with your advisor: We strongly advise you to meet with your advisor to get cleared for registration and to discuss what classes you are looking to take. Some advisors will ask you to schedule in advance. Some will request that you come to office hours or may schedule special registration office hours. Email is a great way to arrange how to best meet with your advisor. Everyone is happy to zoom if that is what you prefer. If you don't know who your CS advisor is, one easy place to check is in Degreeworks. You should be looking at Degreeworks each semester anyway, to see progress you are making toward your degree. Just go to degreeworks.truman.edu and you should see your information.

Note the modalities of courses: Almost all CS courses this Spring are regular in-person courses. The exception is CS 170-02 (which CS majors have no reason to take).

Override requests: If a course in CS is full OR you don't have the prerequisite for the course, and you think that you have special circumstances, then you are welcome to apply for an override. (Note: 484 Topics: Mobile App Development requires that all students request an override. This is how we enforce prerequisites for this courses.) (Also note: If you met a requirement through a substitution, you may need to get an override for the prerequisite. For example, if you took Math 200 instead of CS 191.)

To request an override use the Override Request Form. Fill this out completely and we will evaluate your request.

For CS courses that are full to capacity, we also use Waitlists as a fair way for students to get access. So if a CS course you want to take is full, get yourself on the Waitlist.

Upper Level Elective Courses in the Spring

Topic course information:

CS 484 Section 01: Mobile App Development (IOS): This is taught by Dr. Cao.

Here is the official course description:

Develop IOS applications on a Mac mobile platform using a modern SDK and API. Topics may include: Using Xcode and Swift basics; user interface design, controls, outlets, actions; Interface builder, layout, constraint, orientation; Multiview applications; Collection view, Table view, data source and delegate, cells; Persistent Storage, Mapview, JSON, Photos/camera and Quartz 2D.

Elective area: The course counts for Area A or Area C of the CS major.

Prerequisite: CS 260 or consent of instructor

Software: You'll need access to a computer running macOS (previously known as OS X) operating system and the Xcode development environment for this course. If you have access to a Mac, you just need to install Xcode, which is free.
If you do not have access to a Mac, there are options, but these options will probably cost roughly $100 for the semester. More details about this can be obtained from Dr. Cao.