Dr. Alan Garvey
Fall 2018
CS 172 Picture of Dr. Garvey
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Computer Science 172: Ada Fundamentals

Professor: Dr. Alan Garvey

Section 1: TBA

Office Hours

  • M-F 10:30am-12:30pm


The course syllabus is available online.


There is one textbook for this class. You could try borrowing it from a CS major who has taken CS 180:

  • Programming and Problem Solving with Ada 95 Second Edition by Nell Dale, Chip Weems and John McCormick, Jones & Bartlett Publishers, 2000.

Ada Compiler

You can install the Ada compiler that we use in the lab by downloading the following two files to your hard disk (do this by clicking on the links below while holding down the shift key - be sure to remember where you save the files), then double clicking on the files in the recommended order. Doing this will install the GNAT Ada compiler and the Ada GIDE development environment.


  • There will be no exams.

Sequence of Required Assignments:

You are required to complete the ordered sequence of assignments by the due dates. When you have completed an assignment and wish to be evaluated, please submit the required materials. The detailed list of assignments will be posted shortly. Starting with Lab 4 you are asked to upload your files for evaluation, as well as turn in a printout.

  • Lab 1: Getting Started in Ada GIDE due 24 January
  • Lab 2: Debugging Ada programs due 31 January
  • Lab 3: Output in Ada programs due 7 February
  • Lab 4: Functions, Procedures and Math due 21 February
  • Program 1 - First Standalone Program due 7 March
  • Lab 5: Arrays and Records due 21 March
  • Lab 6: Unconstrained Arrays and Sorting due 4 April
  • Program 2 - Putting Array/Record stuff together due 18 April