CS 291 LaTeX Review

This is just a Hello World lab to get you started using LaTeX.

You should start with the file LaTeXLab0.tex. If you click on this while using the Student Image, it will ask if you want to Run the file using TeXWorks or Save the file. Either is fine. If you run using TeXWorks, you will see the text of the file on the left side of your screen. You should use Save As. . . to save this in a directory on your Y: drive. I suggest that you make a cs291 directory for this class, because LaTeX creates lots of auxilliary files. If you choose to Save the file, save it to this cs291 directory then double click on it to run TeXWorks.

Alternatively you can start TeXworks by choosing Start → All Programs → MiKTeX 2.9 → TeXworks. Open the LaTeXLab0.tex file by choosing File → Open and navigating to where you saved the file.

In any case, when you open the file in TexWorks you should see the text of the file in the left half of your screen. There is a little green circle with what looks like a Play icon. Clicing on this icon will "compile" your LaTeX text and produce a formatted document in a new window on the right side of the screen. You can do this any time you have made changes to the document.

Your assignment is to modify the document so that it has your name, Truman username and today's date. Then you should change the displayed math to assume x has the value 2k+1 instead of 2k and update all of the algebra accordingly.

When you are happy with the formatted document on the right side of the page, you can choose Print from the File menu and you should be able to print the formatted document.

Note that for real homework assignments you will not hand in a printout, but will rather upload both your .tex and .pdf files.