CS 291 Homework 8

Assigned: 6 April 2022   Due: 15 April 2022

Problems from the Hein textbook and are to be done individually, not in pairs or other groups.

You are required to prepare your solutions to these questions using the LaTex text formatting system. We will go over this in detail in class. The files from previous assignments hw1example.tex and hw2example.tex should have enough LaTeX to get you started with the extra facts that the universal and existential quantifiers are \forall and \exists respectively. You will upload both your LaTeX source file and your PDF file using the Homework Submission page. This page will assign a timestamp to your submission and that will determine whether your assignment is on time. Any time until 11:59pm on the due date is considered to be on time.

hw6example.tex shows (again) how to draw trees and graphs.

  1. Section 11.3 Exercise 3 (parts a-d) (draw a graph for 3.d)
  2. Section 11.4 Exercise 7.b
  3. Section 11.5 Exercises 1.a, 2.d