CS 480 Homework 0

Assigned: 23 August 2017   Due: 25 August 2017

  1. Read

    The first reading is a paper from a big AI conference from 2013. The second reading is a short interview with Stuart Russell from a July 2015 issue of Science magazine. The third was written by me to describe why CS 480 should be recognized as a liberal arts class at Truman.

  2. Write a 300-400 word (2 or 3 paragraph) response to these readings. Please don't just summarize the readings, but rather mention what you think is most important, things that you have questions about, things you agree or disagree with, topics that you are most interested in learning more about as the semester progresses, and/or perhaps ways that the topics discussed resonate with ideas that you have learned about in other classes. Spend a little bit of time rereading what you have written and cleaning it up.

  3. Bring a hardcopy of your text to class on Friday, prepared to discuss what you have read. You will hand in this hardcopy at the end of class. No handwritten copies accepted.